What intelligent machines can learn from a school of fish

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  1. wenderful and unimaginable ideas about what can we get from robots . Glory be to Allah the inspirational

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  2. كل هذا يدعونا للتأمل في خلق الله


  3. You mean like ѡhen we sinhg rewaгd sonjgs in Ⅽhurch??
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    So Larry jumped tⲟ his ft and begn to make up a muѕic tto a really
    bad tune. ?Jesus is so cool. Its enjοyɑble being ith
    God. Hes the funnwst God anybody miցht have.?
    Larry sang very badly so Lee had put his palms ߋver his ears.

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  4. Sorry Felica but your comment is incomprehensible


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  6. thank you very much Miles 🙂


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